Anti-Virus Disinfectant FAQ’s

What are the differences between sanitizing and disinfecting a hard surface?

Sanitizers and disinfectants are categorized as antimicrobial pesticides, in simple terms known as products used to destroy bacteria and harmful growth. Santiziers lower the number of germs on surfaces, while disinfectants kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. Most hard-surface sanitizers are less potent and do not require a drug identification number or DIN, while disinfectants go through rigorous testing by Health Canada.  If approved they are given a Drug Identification Number.

SqueekyKleen Anti-Virus Disinfectant DIN 02501546 has been approved by Health Canada to be effective against COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria and viruses.

Please follow the instructions on the label before using the product. 

What does “contact time” mean and why is it important?

The term refers to the time required for a hard surface to remain wet in order for germicidal activity to take place. The contact time is highly important when disinfecting because it ensures the product has ample time to work effectively and kill bacteria.

Squeeky Kleen Anti-Virus Disinfectant is both a sanitizer and a disinfectant.

To use as a sanitizer, simply spray on a hard surface and wipe after five seconds. To use as a disinfectant, spray on a hard surface and wipe after five minutes. If the product dries during the contact time reapply and repeat the process again.

Is SqueekyKleen Anti-Virus disinfectant effective against the COVID-19 virus?

Yes. This product has been approved by Health Canada for its effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus and is also deemed food safe. If using on food contact surfaces a potable water rinse is required after use. For non-food contact surfaces let the product air dry or wipe after contact time.

When using the product do I need to wear any personal protective equipment (PPE)?

No. Our product is alcohol-free and non-toxic making it safe to use without gloves, goggles or masks. However as with any cleaner, if using for a prolonged period of time through an electrostatic sprayer, these items are recommended.

Please consult the label and follow instructions before using the product.

Where can your disinfectant be used? I own a nail salon, is it safe to use SqueekyKleen on my tools and utensils?

Yes. The product can be used in nail and beauty salons to disinfect tools and utensils. Soak your tools and utensils in our disinfectant for 5 minutes and rinse with potable water.

I’m nervous to make the full switch to your product. Is it safe to do so?

YES!  Squeeky Kleen has gone through rigorous testing with Health Canada and is an approved disinfectant against COVID-19. Although it might seem daunting to switch cleaners, it is safe to do so from the alcohol-based products you have been using.


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