About Dayjan Enterprises

Dayjan Enterprises Squeeky Kleen Anti-Virus Disinfectant Spray Bottle in front of folded towelsWe are a Toronto-based company formed in 2019. A leading manufacturer of disinfectant cleaning products, Dayjan has been servicing both the commercial and food service sectors for over a decade. Inspired by SARS and after identifying a gap in the market, Dayjan Enterprises knew that alcohol-free disinfectants needed to be created.

Our product Squeeky Kleen is Health Canada approved and proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria on all hard surfaces within five seconds. From restaurants to medical clinics our disinfectant is the only cleaning solution you need to ensure proper sanitation on all surfaces.

Wholesale Contact

Dayjan Enterprises
948 Grandview St N
Oshawa ON L1K 2E3

Phone:  365-885-2526
Email:  info@coviddisinfectant.ca



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